Everyone marched for different reasons. I marched for women around the world who are not as free as I – because I have the privilege of free speech in my country. I marched because in my own country, women and minorities are being spoken about in a vulgar, demeaning way that is inexcusable. I cannot stay silent.

I marched because I support loving all people, despite their skin color, sexual orientation, choices, or gender. Jesus loved everyone, and He was particularly intentional about loving those who were outcasts in society – those whom, in that time, no one else would acknowledge or accept. That was 2000 years ago (I think it’s time we caught up). I marched because I believe radical love is the way to radical peace.

I believe that regardless of political parties, this march was for any man or woman who believes women and men are equal. It was for everyone who believes that even when we disagree, hate speech and discrimination are NEVER the way to respond. I marched because I want my future children to grow up in a country where they worry less and love their fellow humans more freely.

Here is my photo story of this day: many people with many different reasons to march.