Today I’m sharing a fun small business session with Elise of Winnie’s Bakery, which we shot at the new Ellicott City venue, Main Street Ballroom! Besides amazing wedding cakes, Elise makes such a huge variety of treats and I’ve absolutely loved each dessert I’ve sampled. This day we photographed her lemon lavender loaf with lemon glaze, an espresso cinnamon chocolate tart with mascarpone, and cranberry orange muffins! It smelled amazing in the room, let me tell you. Also, can one of my couples PLEASE get married here?! I have shot here several times but not yet for a real wedding – but I can’t wait for that day 🙂 Kate, the venue owner, is so fun to work with. Anyways, enjoy visually sampling these amazing desserts – and know that I wish I could send you all of them to try yourself!