steelcut-flower-co-baltimore-florist-small-business-photographer-8-1024x683 Brand + Small Business

steelcut-flower-co-baltimore-florist-small-business-photographer-1 Brand + Small Business

steelcut-flower-co-baltimore-florist-small-business-photographer-25-1024x683 Brand + Small Business

Steelcut Flower Co., Baltimore MD


maryland-north-point-state-park-engagement-photography-39-1024x682 Brand + Small Business

maryland-north-point-state-park-engagement-photography-40-1024x682 Brand + Small Business

The Bun Shop, Baltimore MD


frederick-maryland-tea-room-cafe-anglais-lifestyle-photography-4-1024x682 Brand + Small Business

frederick-maryland-tea-room-cafe-anglais-lifestyle-photography-12-1024x682 Brand + Small Business

frederick-maryland-tea-room-cafe-anglais-lifestyle-photography-2-1024x682 Brand + Small Business

frederick-maryland-tea-room-cafe-anglais-lifestyle-photography-7-1024x682 Brand + Small Business

Cafe Anglais, Frederick MD


I love working with small business and organizations to create branded images for their web presence. Your amazing, innovative¬†products won’t make an impact on potential customers if they’re not portrayed in a beautiful, relatable way.

Above are photos representing Steelcut Flower Co., a Baltimore wedding florist, The Bun Shop, a local coffee and pastry shop in Baltimore, and Cafe Anglais, a tea shop in Frederick with traditional English tea and dishes.

If you are beginning to picture your products and brand combined with my natural, lifestyle take on product imagery, visit this page and send me your thoughts.