I’m Lindsay Anne Belliveau, a traveling wedding and lifestyle portrait photographer in Baltimore and in the East Coast region!

I love a good, strong cup of black tea with milk, shopping at farmer’s markets, snuggling with my husband and our two cats, reading novels and memoirs to explore other lives, and building our tiny home.

To me, natural and organic wedding photography is all about being in the moment. Let me join you on your amazing day to capture the love, laughter, tears, and in-between moments. The last few seconds before you walk down the aisle. The first time your love sees your face on that day. Your candid laughter as you dance the night away with your best friends. I make memories from what I see. Artistically, candidly, beautifully. See my wedding portfolio here.

I love to capture families, couples, and people in general doing their thing. Being in their homes, their favorite spaces, enjoying one another’s company. This is lifestyle photography – creating and recording candid moments so that you have memories of your normal life as it is today. Making art out of the ordinary. See my portrait portfolio here.

I also love to help small businesses, larger brands, and any sort of company create brand images for their web presence. Your amazing, innovative products won’t make an impact on potential customers if they’re not portrayed in a beautiful, relatable way. See my brand portfolio here.

Above photo credits: Sarah Culver